Cognii is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence based educational technologies. We work with organizations in the K-12, higher education, and corporate training markets to help them deliver 21st century online education with superior learning outcomes and cost efficiency. Cognii's multiple-award winning EdTech product is helping students around the world by enabling personalized deeper learning, intelligent tutoring, open response assessments, and pedagogically rich analytics.


Learn by conversing with AI • Write answers in your own words • Receive immediate assessment & tutoring feedback • Practice with multiple attempts till you master the concepts • Access anytime anywhere.


Author pedagogically rich learning assessments • Reduce the grading burden • Have deeper insight into students' learning • Personalize the instruction • Improve students' performance in summative tests.


A practical way to implement high-quality education & credentialing • Improve the student engagement, retention & outcomes • Scale the number of students • Reduce the cost • Be future ready.

Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant

Cognii's innovative Conversational EdTech combines the powers of conversational pedagogy with the conversational AI technology.

Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant engages a student in a chatbot-style learning conversation by prompting them to construct an answer, giving them instant formative assessment, tutoring them with personalized hints and tips, and guiding them towards conceptual mastery.

Uniquely Distinct

Key Features

Open Response

Move beyond the multiple choice questions • Students answer questions in their own words, thus constructing knowledge • Supports critical thinking.

Formative Assessment

Assessment for learning • Students get real-time feedback throughout the learning sequence • Instructors get high-resolution analytics.

One-to-One Tutoring

An engaging conversation between a student & Cognii • Multiple attempts and coaching to the point of mastery • Supports Bloom's 2-sigma improvement.

Adaptive Personalization

A learning path and level of coaching best suited to each student, based on highly accurate open-response assessment.