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With the advent of new, more-rigorous standards for learning and assessment, teachers need scalable solutions that move beyond multiple-choice quizzing. The ESSA, Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, and National Educational Technology Policy all emphasize the importance of deep understanding and critical thinking. A growing body of research suggests that engaging students in cognitively challenging tasks, providing immediate feedback, ongoing and meaningful assessment and personalizing instruction are key in meeting this goal--but these are difficult to implement at scale. The best way to assess these higher order thinking skills is to ask students to explain ideas in their own words, which is driving an increased use of short-answer and essay writing on high-stakes tests.

To prepare students for the demands of the 21st century, Cognii offers--

  • One-to-one tutoring for deep learning and critical thinking.
  • Immediate score and feedback on written answers.
  • Effective method of assessing higher order thinking skills.
  • Ongoing formative assessment that reveals knowledge gaps.
  • Uniquely engaging learning experience that promotes persistence.
  • Finely tuned adaptive learning sequence and coaching .
  • High-resolution analytics for intervention and personalization.
  • Assessment tool that reduces the burden on teachers.

  • Cognii works across the grades 3-12 and subject areas. Here are a few sample applications:

  • English Language Arts (Reading comprehension, Writing short essays)
  • Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • Social Studies (History, Civics, Geography, Economics)
  • Engineering, Technology & Math

    Colleges and universities are eager for methods of delivering quality education to more students, while students demand more engaging and relevant learning experiences tailored to their needs. In todays competitive environment, schools need ways to boost student success and instructor productivity in tandem. Identifying at-risk students and giving all students the level of support they need are key to retention, but a constant challenge. Critical skills such as problem solving and communication are increasingly recognized as essential for career readiness. Competency-based education, micro degrees and other developments with a real-world focus need practical tools for authentic assessment, rather than relying on multiple choice. MOOCs and other large-scale online programs need cost-effective ways to offer students ongoing, meaningful feedback on their work. As the world evolves in the modern AI-age, Cognii is ready to bring its innovation to benefit the Higher Ed market - from enrollment, retention, student support, course design, assessment & credentialing, to scalability.

    To help with these challenges in higher education, Cognii offers--

  • AI-powered online course design.
  • Assessment tool that extends the effectiveness of faculty.
  • Real-time tutoring that students can access anytime, anywhere.
  • Immediate and accurate evaluation of student writing.
  • Effective practice and assessment for problem-solving and communication skills.
  • Uniquely engaging learning experience for better learning and retention.
  • Finely tuned adaptive learning sequence and coaching.
  • High-resolution analytics that pinpoint student needs.

  • Cognii works across the subject areas in 2-yr/4-yr/UG/Graduate programs. Here are a few sample applications:

  • Arts & Humanities (Arts, Languages, Communication, Media, History, Archaeology, Theology, Fashion Studies)
  • Business (Accounting, Management, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Hospitality, Human Resources)
  • Life Sciences (Agriculture, Biology, Psychology, Zoology)
  • Health Sciences (Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health)
  • Natural Sciences (Astronomy, Environment, Geography)
  • Social Sciences (Criminal Justice, Education, Political Science, Law, Journalism, Sociology)
  • Engineering (Aeronautical, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Control, Electrical, Mechanical)
  • Pre-requisite, General requirements, Remedial, Extra curricular etc courses

    With Cognii, learners participate in a highly effective e-learning interaction, far more engaging than multiple choice quizzes, leading to more meaningful practice and better learning outcomes. Learners are challenged to recall information and solve problems on their own, providing realistic practice with real world scenarios and simulations.

    Learners express ideas in their own words and get immediate feedback, giving them extensive practice with essential critical thinking and communication skills. Cognii is a cost effective way to provide high-quality instruction and coaching that were previously only possible with expert instructors and mentors.

    AI-powered tutorials can guide learners through complex materials, adapting to the needs of each learner. Cognii is ideal for refresher courses, as learners can practice anytime, anywhere, and get immediate scoring and feedback.

    With Cognii, managers get highly accurate analytics about exactly where corporate learning is succeeding and where intervention may be needed. Cognii's technology is easily scaled, making high-quality learning and assessment available to large segments of any company.