Cognii's Benefits

Cognii's Conversational EdTech enables the best pedagogical practices known to learning science.

Education in the 21st century must go well beyond memorizing facts: students must understand deeply, reason analytically, and solve real-world problems. To accomplish this, they need meaningful practice and timely feedback. To help them, educators need clear insight into students' ongoing progress. Cognii's EdTech innovation offers a number of benefits to the education system:

Open Response

Open-response questions are ideal for developing and assessing deep conceptual understanding, critical thinking and problem-solving. Cognii offers a practical solution.

Formative Assessment

Through engaging activities embedded within the learning sequence, Cognii provides ongoing evaluation of a students' progress and reveals knowledge gaps.

One-to-One Tutoring

Cognii serves as a virtual tutor, available at any time. In real-time conversations, students get coaching and can make multiple attempts to the point of mastery.

Adaptive Personalization

Cognii offers adaptive, personalized learning experiences that are based on highly accurate assessment. Students get exactly the questions and coaching they need.

Immediate Feedback

Students get both a score and meaningful feedback on their work immediately, when they are still focused on the learning and can benefit most.

Time Savings

Written assignments usually rely on overburdened instructors to provide assessment. Cognii provides instant assessment and feedback, with no additional burden on instructors.

Assessment of Critical Thinking

Open-response questions require students to develop answers on their own, a superior method of assessing higher order thinking skills.

Unique Analytics

Cognii’s high-resolution analytics reveal knowledge gaps and give accurate insight into deep learning and critical thinking, ideal for effective intervention.

Scalable Quality

Cognii supplements the work of human tutors, graders, and instructors, enabling quality education at large scale and reducing barriers to access.

Improved Engagement and Retention

Cognii-type activities play a significant role in student engagement and persistence and lead to improved retention and completion rates.

Preparation for High-Stakes Testing

Standardized tests increasingly use short answer (open response) items. With Cognii, students can practice answering these questions and get immediate assessment.

Open-response questions, which challenge students to actively recall information and formulate their own answers, are known to be more effective for both assessment and learning than multiple choice. One-to-one tutorials are the gold standard of effective pedagogy. But both have been impossible to scale.

Cognii’s exclusive technology can automatically assess and give feedback on short written answers to open-response questions, across content areas and difficulty levels. It evaluates the ideas in students' answers, not their writing style. This provides new opportunities for uniquely engaging interactivity, meaningful assessment and adaptive learning paths.

Our technology can be integrated into a wide variety of online learning products, including MOOCs, learning management systems, e-books, assessment and homework products, and more. We are working with partners who want to offer the following benefits.