Cognii is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence based educational technology. At Cognii, our mission is to improve the quality and affordability of education with the help of advanced technologies.

Just as the good education can lead to technological advancement, good technology can lead to educational advancement. Our focus is on leveraging and advancing the state of the art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Science to create a new type of educational experience that benefits all the stakeholders in the education ecosystem - students, teachers, administrators, parents, and governments.

Conversation is at the core of education and Cognii. In the school, the primary mode of instruction delivery and learning assessment is the conversation between the teacher and the students. In the workplace, knowledge is shared via the conversation between the employees. Cognii's innovative conversational EdTech brings the power of conversation to online learning. Students engage in real-time natural language conversation with Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant to learn a particular topic, get assessed on their comprehension, and receive coaching to master the concepts.

With Cognii, students improve the knowledge retention, teachers improve the productivity, administrators can scale the high quality education, parents can improve the access and affordability of education, governments can improve the quality of the measurement of learning that is reflective of the real-life environments, and employers can make sure their employees possess the necessary skills for the work.

Cognii's uniquely distinct innovation has been recognized by a number of organizations and awards. As the world moves towards the AI-age, Cognii is here to support you in addressing the challenges and getting ready for the future. Please contact us to learn more and explore the collaboration opportunities.