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2023-11-27 Instructional Design and Online Learning

Integrating Technology in Instructional Design for Vocational Learning

2023-11-05 Medium

Unveiling the Future of Learning: How AI-Powered Tutoring Will Transform Education

2023-11-01 Journal of Educational Technology and Online Learning

An Evaluation of the Use of Artificial Intelligence Applications in Online Education 

2023-10-29 Futuritech

Best AI Tools for Education

2023-10-26 Research for Better Teaching

Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom - How to Use it Rather than Run From It

2023-10-16 Vimeo

Cognii CEO's Invited Talk on AI for Assessment and Instruction at the PA Charter School Innovation Conference

2023-10-12 African Business Review

Educational AI Tools for Students: A Guide to Modern Learning

2023-10-04 PA Charter Schools

Cognii CEO to Speak on Innovation in AI for Assessment and Instruction at the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools 2023 Annual Conference

2023-09-29 Medium

Artificial Intelligence Rocks the World: The Future is Here and it’s Exciting!

2023-09-28 Business Live

AI Passes South African MBA Exams — But Business Schools Are Wising Up

2023-09-22 The Thunderbeat

Teachers Adjust to a New Era of Technology

2023-09-14 Sutherland Institute

Does AI Belong in Home Schooling?

2023-09-06 OpenCV

Top 7 AI Applications

2023-08-29 Voice of the Wildkats

Artificial Intelligence: The Newest Educational Tool

2023-08-21 FunTech

5 of the Best AI Learning Apps for Children

2023-08-11 Computer Resources of America

Revolutionizing the Classroom: The Impact of Technology in 2023-24

2023-08-05 Trend In Tech

AI’s Impact on Children: Balancing the Promise and Perils of Artificial Intimacy

2023-08-02 EvoLLLution

How AI and Language Model Technology Can Accelerate Educational Excellence

Brooks Doherty from Rasmussen University and Dee Kanejiya from Cognii share a collaborative perspective on the rapidly changing AI and Language Model field and its impact on the education industry with a special emphasis on the assessment innovation.

2023-07-30 LinkedIn

AI and The 21st Century Classroom : The Top Four AI Tools

2023-07-23 Educational App Store

Best AI Tools for Students

2023-07-21 AI2 News

15 Best AI Tools for Education in 2023

2023-07-19 Inform Buro

Neural Networks and Education: Has Artificial Intelligence Replaced the Teacher? (orig. ru)

2023-07-05 ResearchGate

Artificial Intelligence in Nurse Education

2023-07-04 Medium

Beyond Imagination: A Glimpse into the Future of AI

2023-07-03 Educational Process Int. Journal

Educational Applications of the ChatGPT AI System: A Systematic Review Research (pdf)

2023-06-28 Medium

Regulatory and Educational Considerations for AI Integration in Healthcare

2023-06-27 FAL Lawyers

A Year 10’s Perspective on the Use of AI in the Education System

2023-06-22 We Are Teachers

ChatGPT Alternatives: AI Tool Teachers Should Know About to Streamline Written Assessment Feedback

2023-06-17 CXO Today

How AI is Evolving Personal Learning Methodology in Education System?

2023-06-17 AI Productivity Suite

AI Tools for Teachers: Unleashing a Revolution in the Classroom

2023-06-13 CompTIA

Data-Driven Education: What it Really Means Today


Artificial Intelligence in Education (orig: ru

2023-06-08 HT Tech

Top 5 AI Tools to Empower Students 

2023-06-05 Yahoo! Finance

Generative AI in Education Market Projected to Grow at 39.5% CAGR

2023-06-01 SIGEDU / ACL

Cognii Sponsors the 18th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications

2023-05-31 Hindustan Times

Why Generative AI is Disrupting the EdTech Landscape

2023-05-26 EdTech Digest

The Impact of AI in EdTech - Virtual Tutors and Teaching Assistants

2023-05-23 MarketSmiths

AI in Education Needs to Empower Both Students and Teachers

2023-05-10 Digital Age Learning

AI Resources and Tools to Support the Teaching and Learning Process

2023-05-03 Digital Journal

Intelligent Evaluation System Market is Foreseen to Grow at CAGR of +30% by 2030

2023-05-01 LinkedIn

5 Ways AI is Revolutionizing HR: From Recruitment to Employee Engagement

2023-05-01 Ask About Education

8 AI Tools That Can Help You Achieve Your Next Lifelong Learning Goal

2023-04-29 Future School AI

Customized Learning Paths: Personalized AI Tutors

2023-04-27 Thinking EdTech

How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping the Learning Landscape

2023-04-26 LinkedIn

The Rising Tide of EdTech in Africa: Trends to Watch

2023-04-22 ICT Design

The Future of Education: How Technology is Changing the Classroom

2023-04-20 Wunderman Thompson

Insight : AI Experts including Cognii CEO Discuss the Impact of AI on the World

2023-04-20 Philly's 7th Ward

The Code Less Traveled: Artificial Intelligence That Empowers Black and Brown Learning

2023-04-17 LinkedIn : Swiss Business School

Top 5 AI Powered Tools That Have Revolutionized The Way We Learn and Study 

2023-04-17 AI for Sustainable Development Goals

Cognii - AI for Education - Meets UN SDGs for Quality Education and Economic Growth