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2024-02-13 The Gleaner

AI in Collaborative Learning and Research

"Cognii : A virtual learning assistant that supports tutoring by providing personalised feedback and guidance, enhancing the learning experience for students." - Tiou Clarke, PhD, lecturer in the School of Business Administration at the University of Technology, Jamaica. 

2024-02-07 The AI Journal

AI in Education: Democratising a Personalised Learning Experience 

"For example, Cognii, another digital tutoring platform, provides a step-by-step explanation of school subject topics, gives students individualised feedback on their answers to questions, and can support literacy through a set of dialogue-based activities ... According to Paul Henninger, head of UK Connected Technology and Global Lighthouse, AI tutoring platforms such as these will be particularly transformative for low achievers, by providing them with readily available feedback whenever they need." 

2024-01-27 Global EdAI

Cognii CEO to Speak at the Global EdAI Conference - Unleashing the Power of AI in Education

2024-01-13 Reciamuc

La inteligencia artificial en la educación superior: oportunidades y amenazas

(En : Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education: Opportunities and Threats) 

2023-12-28 YEN News

5 AI Tools That Will Help You Pass Your University Exams Easily 

2023-12-08 Harvard Business Review

How GenAI Could Accelerate Employee Learning and Development 

"Conventional learning-and-development methods often lack real-time feedback mechanisms, which can extend the learning curve for learners. Generative AI solutions like Cognii’s Virtual Learning Assistant ... offer a more interactive and responsive approach." - Chrysanthos Dellarocas, Boston University’s Associate Provost for Digital Learning & Innovation 

2023-12-07 101 Blockchains

Top 5 AI Use Cases in Education

"Cognii has developed virtual assistants which utilize advanced NLP techniques for interacting with students through chatbots." 

2023-12-02 NewsBreak

AI Negative and Positive Impact on Education & Employment

"How AI is used in business education : AI is used to analyze learning progress and work with educational materials. Cognii for Business Education uses AI-powered textbooks so students can practice whenever they want and receive immediate grades and feedback. In addition, as part of the course, the algorithm collects reports on where exactly corporate training is successful and where changes or intervention by a trainer may be required."

2023-11-27 Instructional Design and Online Learning

Integrating Technology in Instructional Design for Vocational Learning

2023-11-18 Midwest Teachers Institute

Top AI Tools for Teachers to Use in Their Classroom

"Cognii crafts higher-order thinking questions related to the submission content, helping students grasp key ideas effectively. Open-ended questions encourage more thought than multiple choice, and Cognii allows students to get feedback on these questions much faster than relying on just the teacher." 

2023-11-05 Medium

Unveiling the Future of Learning: How AI-Powered Tutoring Will Transform Education

"In the dynamic field of educational technology, Cognii stands out as a leader in adaptive learning through its innovative use of conversational AI. Cognii’s AI platform transforms the educational experience by engaging students in natural language conversations, enabling a more personalized and interactive learning process. ... Its impact is a testament to the potential of AI in education — creating a dynamic, responsive, and deeply personalized learning environment that scales across various educational landscapes and meets the evolving demands of the learning community." 

2023-11-01 Journal of Educational Technology and Online Learning

An Evaluation of the Use of Artificial Intelligence Applications in Online Education 

2023-10-29 Futuritech

Best AI Tools for Education

2023-10-26 Research for Better Teaching

Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom - How to Use it Rather than Run From It

2023-10-16 Vimeo

Cognii CEO's Invited Talk on AI for Assessment and Instruction at the PA Charter School Innovation Conference

2023-10-12 African Business Review

Educational AI Tools for Students: A Guide to Modern Learning

2023-10-04 PA Charter Schools

Cognii CEO to Speak on Innovation in AI for Assessment and Instruction at the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools 2023 Annual Conference

2023-09-29 Medium

Artificial Intelligence Rocks the World: The Future is Here and it’s Exciting!

2023-09-28 Business Live

AI Passes South African MBA Exams — But Business Schools Are Wising Up

2023-09-22 The Thunderbeat

Teachers Adjust to a New Era of Technology

2023-09-14 Sutherland Institute

Does AI Belong in Home Schooling?

2023-09-06 OpenCV

Top 7 AI Applications

2023-08-29 Voice of the Wildkats

Artificial Intelligence: The Newest Educational Tool

2023-08-21 FunTech

5 of the Best AI Learning Apps for Children

2023-08-17 LinkedIn

The Future of EdTech with Artificial Intelligence Development

2023-08-11 Computer Resources of America

Revolutionizing the Classroom: The Impact of Technology in 2023-24

2023-08-05 Trend In Tech

AI’s Impact on Children: Balancing the Promise and Perils of Artificial Intimacy

2023-08-02 EvoLLLution

How AI and Language Model Technology Can Accelerate Educational Excellence

Brooks Doherty from Rasmussen University and Dee Kanejiya from Cognii share a collaborative perspective on the rapidly changing AI and Language Model field and its impact on the education industry with a special emphasis on the assessment innovation.

2023-07-30 LinkedIn

AI and The 21st Century Classroom : The Top Four AI Tools

2023-07-23 Educational App Store

Best AI Tools for Students

2023-07-21 AI2 News

15 Best AI Tools for Education in 2023

2023-07-19 Inform Buro

Neural Networks and Education: Has Artificial Intelligence Replaced the Teacher? (orig. ru)

2023-07-05 ResearchGate

Artificial Intelligence in Nurse Education

2023-07-04 Medium

Beyond Imagination: A Glimpse into the Future of AI

2023-07-03 Educational Process Int. Journal

Educational Applications of the ChatGPT AI System: A Systematic Review Research (pdf)

2023-06-28 Medium

Regulatory and Educational Considerations for AI Integration in Healthcare

2023-06-27 FAL Lawyers

A Year 10’s Perspective on the Use of AI in the Education System

2023-06-22 We Are Teachers

ChatGPT Alternatives: AI Tool Teachers Should Know About to Streamline Written Assessment Feedback

2023-06-17 CXO Today

How AI is Evolving Personal Learning Methodology in Education System?

2023-06-17 AI Productivity Suite

AI Tools for Teachers: Unleashing a Revolution in the Classroom

2023-06-13 CompTIA

Data-Driven Education: What it Really Means Today


Artificial Intelligence in Education (orig: ru

2023-06-08 HT Tech

Top 5 AI Tools to Empower Students 

2023-06-05 Yahoo! Finance

Generative AI in Education Market Projected to Grow at 39.5% CAGR

2023-06-01 SIGEDU / ACL

Cognii Sponsors the 18th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications

2023-05-31 Hindustan Times

Why Generative AI is Disrupting the EdTech Landscape

2023-05-26 EdTech Digest

The Impact of AI in EdTech - Virtual Tutors and Teaching Assistants

2023-05-23 MarketSmiths

AI in Education Needs to Empower Both Students and Teachers

2023-05-10 Digital Age Learning

AI Resources and Tools to Support the Teaching and Learning Process

2023-05-03 Digital Journal

Intelligent Evaluation System Market is Foreseen to Grow at CAGR of +30% by 2030