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2023-01-16 Xceptional

A Balancing Act: The Impact of AI on Employment for Individuals with Disabilities

2023-01-12 AI Depot

Best New AI Products - Cognii 

2023-01-11 Pure Future

10 Best AI Tools for Students

2022-11-24 Futurism

Will Artificial Intelligence Affect Future Industries?

2022-10-17 Maryville University

The Future of Education in the Digital Age

2022-09-22 Tech & Learning

What is Cognii and How Can It Be Used to Teach? Tips & Tricks

2022-08-24 Tech & Learning

How to Leverage AI Teaching Apps

2022-08-22 Int. Review of Information Ethics

Artificial Intelligence and Teachers’ New Ethical Obligations

2022-08-18 AI IOT Talk

How AI Has a Hand in Student Record Management Systems

2022-07-26 MarketWatch

Artificial Intelligence in the Education Sector Market SWOT analysis, Growth, Share, Size and Demand outlook by 2028

2022-07-25 Journal of Interactive Learning Environments

Unleashing the power of Open Educational Practices (OEP) through Artificial Intelligence (AI): Where to Begin?

2022-07-12 Promethean Blog

Edtech Trends to Watch Out for in 2022 

Cognii listed as the primary example of the number 1 trend of AI

2022-05-16 Tricksmode

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Education

2022-05-12 Digital Journal

Artificial Intelligence in the Education Sector Market Future Trends and Opportunities, Past, Present Data, and Deep Analysis

2022-04-20 Analytics Steps

Top 10 AI-Based Learning Platforms in the US

2022-04-08 CXO Exposure

Leveraging AI in EdTech to Deliver Great Learning Experiences 

2022-04-01 AskKenny

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transforming Education 

2022-03-31 Unite.AI

10 Best AI Tools for Education 

2022-03-27 University of British Columbia

Ventures in Learning Technologies : AI in Instructional Design

Highlights Cognii's Intelligent Tutoring for Corporate Training

2022-03-26 Computer Science & Information Technology Journal

Artificial Intelligence: Framework of Driving Triggers to Past, Present and Future Applications and Influencers of Industry Sector Adoption

Academic research paper from 8th Int. Conference on AI and Applications highlights Cognii as a unique application of AI in Education

2022-03-11 SCLogic

What Are the Top Tech Trends in Higher Ed? 

2022-01-19 Independent School Management

Five Sustainable Edtech Trends in 2022

ISM highlights Cognii as the only example of AI trends in Education

2021-12-06 University of San Diego

Applied AI : 43 Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Education

2021-10-14 Technical University of Munich

TUM AI Student Initiative: AI for Social Impact

2021-09-12 Medium

Adaptive Learning, AI in Teaching and Explainable AI

2021-08-20 Hays Tech Blog

How Can Tech Help Tackle The Global Skills Emergency?

2021-07-17 Frost & Sullivan

Online Learning Technology and Trends: Artificial Intelligence 

2021-06-23 Global Market Insights

AI in Education Market Revenue to Cross $20B by 2027

2021-06-08 Getting Smart

Town Hall Recap: AI in Education

Webinar (at 32:09) discusses Cognii as an example of AI for tutoring and open-response assessments

2021-06-04 K12 Digest

How is AI Shaping the Future of Education after COVID-19?

2021-06-03 Adolfo Eliazàt - A.I. News

How AI is Transforming the Education Industry

2021-05-10 ARTiBA

Artificial Intelligence Board of America: How AI is Transforming the Education Industry

2021-04-13 Raconteur

Questioning the Role of AI in Exam Marking

News report includes an interview of Cognii CEO on the role of AI in scoring student answers and assessments

2021-03-23 Raconteur / The Times

Digital Learning Report 2021 : The Complex Role of AI in Exam Marking (pdf)

2021-03-19 WordlBank : IFC

Artificial Intelligence in Emerging Markets - Opportunities, Trends, and Emerging Business Models

International Finance Corporation highlights Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant AI and EdTech innovation

2021-03-03 Medium

Discussing AI in Education

2021-03-01 Technavio

Artificial Intelligence Market in the Education Sector in US - Forecast and Analysis 2021-2025 

Market research report projects AI market in Education sector to grow at 49% CAGR and identifies Cognii as a leading vendor

2021-02-26 YouTube

Learntech Meetup Event - AI For Personalised Education (Feb 2021)

A panel discussion including Cognii CEO and other EdTech experts 

2021-02-11 Arxiv Paper

Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Education : Benefits, Challenges and Strategies of Implementation

2021-02-10 Teach Online

Chatbots as “Always Available Tutor” The New World of 24/7 On Demand Learning Support for Students

2021-02-04 Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips

Dispatches from the Front : EdTech Leaders Face Covid-19 : Cognii CEO Interview

2021-01-04 Cognii Blog Why AI Will Help US Become Outstanding Educators
2021-01-04 WordlBank : IFC

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Advance Post-Secondary Learning in Emerging Markets

Describes how Cognii's Virtual Learning Assistant offers personalized learning at a scale

2020-12-04 AllWork : Future of Work

How Flexible Space and EdTech Can Help The Global Skills Emergency

2020-11-24 MobCoder

3 Ways Machine Learning in EdTech is Changing the Education Industry

2020-11-10 Bots & Assistants

Cognii CEO to Speak at the Bots & Assistants Conference : Virtual Education with Conversation Assistants

2020-11-06 SSRN

Revolutionizing Indian Education System : Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

2020-11-02 YouTube

AI and Virtual Learning Assistants for Scalable Education - Presentations by Cognii CEO Dee Kanejiya, and Prof. Andy Shome

2020-09-10 Appinventive

What Makes EdTech a Profitable Business Model?

2020-09-03 Addepto blog

How Can AI Help With Remote Education?