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2020-02-11 AVIOS

Cognii CEO to Speak at the Conversational Interaction 2020 Conference on Voice and Language Technology

2019-11-12 Cognii Blog AI in Education : Cognii CEO Answers Key Questions
2019-11-07 SIIA Education Technology Industry Network

Cognii CEO to Speak on Privacy and AI/Machine Learning in Schools Webinar

2019-10-09 ACTNext

Cognii CEO to Speak at the 2019 ACTNext Education Technology and Computational Psychometrics Symposium

2019-10-09 Medium

AI in Education — Who Are the Participants?

2019-10-02 Business Insider

ACTNext Announces Speaker Lineup and Topics for the 2019 EdTech and Computational Psychometrics Symposium

2019-10-02 Richard van Hooijdonk's Blog

Five Algorithms that Help Students Learn and Professors Teach 
International futurist and trendwatcher explains how Cognii enhances critical thinking skills

2019-09-25 Disruptor Daily

What Trends Are Shaping AI In Education This Year? 13 Experts Share Their Insights

2019-09-15 LinkedIn

Artificial Intelligence in Education: A Guide to Basic Understanding, Value Added, and Key Players

2019-09-13 Ann Michaelsen Blog

How Artificial Intelligence can Transform Education in Schools

2019-08-16 Kambria Blog

AI for Education: Driving Enrollment and Improving Retention

2019-07-18 ACT Blog

ACTNext Announces 2019 Education Technology and Computational Psychometrics Symposium

2019-07-05 Int. Journal of Open Education Resources

A Look at the Future of Open Education Resources : Impact of AI and other Technologies 

2019-07-01 Digital Journal

Identify Hidden Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in the Education Sector Market: Cognii, IBM, Microsoft

2019-07-01 Higher Ed Connects

The Latest in Edtech from San Francisco : Summary of SIIA EdTech Industry Conference

2019-06-12 IACAT Conference

Cognii CEO to Speak at the International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing (IACAT) Biennial Conference

2019-06-11 FIU News

FIU Adds AI to Online Education 
Pilot program uses new technology to help teach students

2019-06-05 Center for Assessment

Cognii CEO Invited as an Expert to the 2019 Colloquium on Educational Assessment Enhanced by Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

2019-05-23 Harvard Alumni for Education

What will the 21St Century Education Hold for Us?

2019-05-17 Towards Data Science

Humans, Machines, and the Future of Education - Can AI and Emerging Tech Make Us Smarter?

2019-05-14 Kambria Blog

Real World Applications of AI Virtual Assistants : No Student is Left Behind

2019-05-10 Stephen Downes

Future Learning in an Advanced Decentralized Learning Ecosystem - at Canadian Armed Forces Individual Training & Education Innovation Week

2019-05-07 Tech Edvocate

Your Next Tutor May be a Digital Voice Assistant

2019-05-06 Built In

These Edtech Companies are Using Machine Learning to Improve Human Learning

2019-04-24 EDUCAUSE

2019 Horizon Report : Important Developments in Educational Technology for Higher Education

2019-04-12 FIU News

Online Business Course Utilizes Artificial Intelligence

2019-04-12 Curiosity Conference

Cognii Invited to Present and Demo at the Curiosity : AI in Education Conference 

2019-04-11 YouTube

Cognii Presentation at 2019 ASU GSV X Summit

2019-04-11 EdSurge

Cognii Participates in the EdSurge Jobs Fair 

2019-04-10 SlideShare

Artificial Intelligence in Education Focusing on the Skills3.0 Project

2019-04-08 ASU GSV Summit

Cognii CEO to Speak at the ASU GSV X Summit

2019-04-03 Online Learning Consortium

Looking at the Future of Cognitive Technology in Education

2019-03-23 Columbia University

Cognii CEO to Speak at the 2019 Columbia University US-China Education Forum

2019-03-20 SpeechTech Magazine

Machine Learning and Innovative Speech Applications Dominate Conversational Interaction Conference

2019-03-12 Liga Tech

Поиграем в обучение, или Как edtech умеет мотивировать (Eng: Let's Play Learning, or How Edtech can Motivate)

2019-03-11 AVIOS

Cognii CEO to Speak at Conversational Interaction 2019 Conference

2019-03-06 e-Assessment Awards

Cognii Selected as a Finalist for the International e-Assessment Awards

Best Innovation, and Best Use of Formative Assessment

2019-02-27 Education Technology Insights

Effective E-learning for Employees : Measures to Undertake

2019-02-27 The Tambellini Group

Chatbots and AI Assistants in Higher Education - AI Provides A Very Human Touch To The Higher Education User Experience

2019-02-16 Ed Tech UK

Florida International University Launches AI Tutor

2019-02-14 FIU Online Insider

Artificial Intelligence Tutor Provides Personalized Learning

2019-02-08 IT in Education (

Будущее высшей школы  (eng: The Future of Higher Education)

2019-02-03 List EdTech

This Week In Review

2019-02-01 eLearning World Europe

AI Tutoring in Online Courses at a Business School

2019-01-30 Inside Higher Ed

Florida International to Use Cognii's AI Tutor in Online Experience

2019-01-29 Campus Technology

Florida School Tests AI as Virtual Tutor for Online Course

2019-01-25 Newswire

Florida International University Partners With Cognii to Implement AI in Online Education

Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant will provide AI-powered tutoring and assessments to FIU College of Business students in online courses

2019-01-25 Cognii Press Release Florida International University Partners With Cognii to Implement AI in Online Education
2019-01-10 AFACCT

Cognii CEO to Keynote at the 29th Annual Conference of the Association of Faculties for the Advancement of the Community College Teaching (AFACCT)

2018-12-31 Education Technology Insights

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solutions Providers in Education - 2018

2018-12-16 Wild West Crypto Show

Interview with Dee Kanejiya | Merging education and AI with Blockchain

2018-12-12 UMUC

Proceedings: Attacking the Roots of Cyber(in)security: The Role of Education 

2018-12-12 YouTube

New Technology, STEM Education, and the Cybersecurity Moonshot - Panel Discussion

2018-12-04 Cognii Blog Innovation in Higher Education : Conversation between Boston University Professor Jay Halfond and Cognii CEO
2018-12-03 BostInno

November Funding Roundup: 31 Startups Raise More Than $414M

2018-12-03 YouTube

AI and Blockchain for Education & Training 

2018-12-01 Washington Elite

Cognii CEO to Speak about AI in Education at the Washington Elite Conference 

2018-12-01 Techii

Cognii CEO Speaks at the Techii (Tech Invention & Innovation) Forum 2018

2018-11-23 SEMM Forum

Recruiting and Retaining Generation Zed Students - Jim Black, SEM Works

2018-11-20 UMUC

Experts Say It Will Take A Moonshot Commitment To Achieve Cybersecurity by 2028

2018-11-08 Cyber Center for Education and Innovation

Cognii CEO to Speak at Cyber Security Education Symposium at UMUC

2018-11-07 Beyond Multiple Choice

Cognii CEO to Speak at Beyond Multiple Choice Conference on e-Assessments in 21st Century

2018-11-07 Cognii Press Release Cognii Awarded the National Science Foundation Grant for Developing Scalable Educational Technology
2018-10-03 Built In

Artificial Intelligence in Education - 7 Companies to Know 

2018-10-02 Research Gate (NASPAA Conference)

Artificial Intelligence for Public Service Education

2018-09-26 YouTube

Wild West Crypto Show: Bruce Porter, Jr. Interviews Cognii Founder Dee Kanejiya

2018-09-25 Global BigData Conference

Cognii CEO to Speak at the Global Artificial Intelligence Conference

2018-09-07 U.S. Education Department Office of EdTech

Cog In The Wheel : Cognii Teams Up with California State University to Present a Vision on Future of Higher Education

2018-09-06 Global BigData Conference

Interview with Dee Kanejiya, CEO, Cognii - Speaker at Global AI Conference

2018-08-20 Alpha VOICE

Conversational AI for Scalable Education - Dee Kanejiya at VOICE Summit

2018-08-06 YouTube : Radio Entrepreneurs

Radio Show Guest: Dee Kanejiya, Cognii 

2018-07-27 WBGO News

Do Voice Assistants Have a Place in the Classroom? (Radio News Story)

2018-07-25 VOICE Summit

Cognii CEO to Speak at the Largest VOICE Technology Conference on the Role of AI in University Education

2018-07-18 Young Startups

6 Emerging Trends In Education Technology

2018-07-12 Tech In Motion

Cognii Invited to Showcase Innovation at the Tech In Motion - AI and Machine Learning Event

2018-07-11 Int. Council for Open and Distance Education

Mapping Out the Future of Virtual Learning - The Online Classroom of the Future - White Paper

2018-07-10 EdWeek Market Brief

K-12 Artificial Intelligence Market Set to Explode in U.S. and Worldwide by 2024

2018-07-05 Arbetsvärlden

Så kan lärandet revolutioneras - AI-assistenter kan bli en gamechanger (Eng: How Learning can be Revolutionized - AI Assistants can Become a Gamechanger)

2018-06-22 Questale

China AI in Education Market Research Report 2018-2025

2018-06-19 LiveWorx

Cognii Invited to Showcase Innovation at LiveWorx 2018 Mix

2018-06-12 MIT Enterprise Forum

Cognii Invited to Showcase Innovation at MITEF 2018 Startup Spotlight

2018-06-06 Global Market Insights

Artificial Intelligence in Education Market to Grow at 45% over 2018-2024

2018-06-05 NAACL

Cognii Sponsors The 13th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications

2018-05-22 MA Dept of Education

Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education - Board Meeting Minutes (.docx file)

2018-05-15 New England College

Cognii Presents Case Studies on AI for Assessments at the 2nd New England Assessment Conference

2018-05-10 Digitalist Magazine

Five Digital Transformation Trends In The Education Industry

2018-05-09 Technavio

Global Artificial Intelligence Market in Education Sector 2018-2022 to Grow at a CAGR of 43%

2018-05-03 Markets & Markets

AI in Education Market - Forecast to 2023

2018-04-18 YouTube

Cognii CEO Presents at the 2018 ASU GSV Summit : Conversational EdTech

2018-04-12 Cognii Blog Are Multiple Choice Questions Gender Discriminatory?
2018-03-05 MilTech

Artificial Intelligence Market Growth Opportunities and Challenges 2017-2024

2018-02-27 Brandeis University Blog

Computational Linguistics Industry Meet’n’Greet Reception 

2018-02-25 Whatech

Artificial intelligence in the education sector market explored in latest research

2018-02-12 Education Analytics

Digital elevassistent på väg (English: Digital Student Assistant on the way)

2018-01-02 Warsaw School of Economics

Innowacje edukacyjne – kierunek zmian (English: Educational innovations - the direction of changes)

2017-12-03 intoer

看儿童编程与STEM教育的未来 (English: Chinese Delegation Visits US to Learn about Future of Children's STEM Education)

2017-12-01 P.I.E. Challenge

Personalized in Education Challenge Identifies Cognii as an Example (Hebrew) 

2017-11-11 eLearning Industry

Cost-Free Educational Technology Concepts Every Teacher Can Afford

2017-10-27 Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips

AI Panel: The Next Generation of AI - Entrepreneurial AI Companies Driving Innovation Across Industries

2017-10-24 Drexel University Online

Artificial Intelligence in Education: Virtual Learning Assistants Solve Costly Needs

2017-10-24 YouTube

Artificial Intelligence for Education: Chatbots

2017-09-20 Dimension Data

Artificial Intelligence has Real Potential for Education

2017-09-08 EMNLP

Cognii Sponsors the 12th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications

2017-08-17 Tech Edvocate

4 EdTech Trends You Should be Paying Attention To

2017-08-07 Business Wire

Artificial Intelligence in Western Europe Education Sector: Top 3 Segments by Technavio

2017-07-01 Gitbook

未来的人工智能和AR/VR会从哪些方面影响教育 (English:What Aspects of AI will Affect Future of Education?)

2017-06-28 CCSSO NCSA

Cognii Exhibits Innovative Assessments at the National Conference on Student Assessment 2017

2017-06-23 Cognii Event AI for Learning Assessments, Credentialing, and Degree Completions
2017-06-22 Getting Smart

Smart List: 40 Coding & Computer Science, Assessment & Data Resources

2017-06-07 Tech Sina

人工智能挑战高考, AI能否从940万考生中脱颖而出 (English: AI for College Entrance Exam Challenge)

2017-05-16 LRN21

Everybody Needs an Assistant: FIN, het begin van het einde van uitsluitend leren (of doceren) met je eigen brein?

2017-05-11 YouTube

ASU GSV: Cognii Presentation

2017-05-03 CxO Summit

Cognii To Exhibit At AI Expo, CxO Summit, Open Data Science Conference

2017-05-01 Business Wire

Saylor Higher Education Summit Invites Cognii to Conduct a Session on AI in Higher Education

2017-04-30 Essence Intelligence

Global Chatbots Digest

2017-04-25 Education Dive

Report: Next 4 years will see AI in education grow by nearly 50%

2017-04-24 Distance Educator

Distance Educator Newsletter

2017-04-18 Built In Boston

For the Kids: 6 Boston Tech Companies Creating Apps for Families

2017-04-17 Learning Ecosystems

The as-yet-to-exist-but-forthcoming " of Higher education"

2017-04-16 Sohu

【硅谷周报】 AI Tutor

2017-04-14 Newswire

California State University East Bay Partners With Cognii to Offer Artificial Intelligence Powered Online Learning

2017-04-14 EdSurge

CSUEB Partners with Cognii to Offer Chatbot Services for Students

2017-04-14 Campus Technology

CSU East Bay Taps AI for Intelligent Tutoring and Assessments

2017-04-14 Cognii Press Release California State University East Bay Partners With Cognii to Offer Artificial Intelligence Powered Online Learning
2017-03-24 Business Wire

Artificial Intelligence Market in the US Education Sector - Analysis, Technologies & Forecasts to 2021 - Rise in Inclusion of Intelligent Adaptive Learning

2017-03-24 PR Newswire

Artificial Intelligence Market in the US Education Sector to Grow at a CAGR of 47.5% by 2021, With Cognii, IBM, Nuance Leading the Way

2017-03-24 THE Journal

AI Market to Grow 47.5% Over Next Four Years

2017-03-15 New Learning Times

Teachers College Profile of Cognii Founder & CEO Dee Kanejiya

2017-02-22 Accelerate Into Digital

Artificial Intelligence has Real Potential for Education

2017-02-22 Cultural Weekly

Online Higher Education in 2017 and Beyond

2017-02-12 Technavio

Artificial Intelligence Market in the US Education Sector 2017-2021

2017-02-07 Education Matters

How Artificial Intelligence could Benefit Education

2017-02-06 Education Dive

Will 2017 See AI Find a Larger Role in Education?

2017-02-04 Venture Beat

How AI Will Transform Education in 2017

2017-01-26 New Media Consortium

2017 NMC Horizon Report Technology Outlook - Nordic Schools

2017-01-18 Campus Technology

11 EdTech Trends to Watch in 2017

2017-01-11 Technavio

Global AI Market in the Industrial Sector 2017-2021

2016-12-09 SIIA

Cognii CEO Invited to Speak at SIIA Education Business Forum 2016

2016-12-09 MassTLC Blog

Hour of code : CS Ed Week Success

2016-12-08 Eduventures

The Art of the Possible for Cognitive Solutions and Apps in Higher Education

2016-12-07 Association of American Publishers

Cognii Invited to Demo at AAP Leadership Forum on Open Education Resources

2016-11-17 Geoff Wilbur Blog

Mass Innovation Night EdTech : Cognii Wins Favorite Product Award

2016-11-15 Mass Innovation Night

Cognii Invited to Demo at Mass Innovation Night EdTech

2016-11-09 Marketwired

Mass Innovation Nights Announces Education Tech Event

2016-10-18 BigML

AI Startup Battle in Boston - The AI Has Spoken!

2016-10-10 Preseries Blog

AI Startup Battle in Boston - Meet the Contenders!

2016-09-27 StartHub

Cognii Wins The Innovation Of The Year Award

2016-09-26 CBS

Artificial Intelligence in Education Market to Grow at an Impressive CAGR of 39% Through 2020

2016-09-26 Yahoo Finance

Artificial Intelligence in Education Market to Grow at an Impressive CAGR of 39% Through 2020

2016-09-26 Investor Ideas

#AI News: Artificial Intelligence in Education Market to Grow at an Impressive CAGR of 39% Through 2020

2016-09-16 Campbell Smythe Blog

2016 NMC Horizon Report K-12 Schools - Cognii an Example of Artificial Intelligence Tech

2016-09-16 TechNavio

Cognii Named a Leading Vendor for Global Artificial Intelligence in the Education Sector 2016-2020

2016-09-15 MarketWired

Mass Technology Leadership Council Celebrates Innovation Community at 19th Annual Gala

2016-09-15 MassTLC

2016 MassTLC Leadership Awards Winners

2016-09-15 Medium

HUBweek 2016 Demo Day Semi-Finalists Announced

2016-09-15 NMC

NMC and CoSN Release the Horizon Report > 2016 K-12 Edition

2016-09-14 BostInno

Wayfair, Fuze and Cognii Win at the 2016 MassTLC Leadership Awards

2016-09-07 Built In Boston

15 Boston edtech startups shaking up the classroom

2016-09-01 Obama White House

WH Office of Science & Technology Report on Future of AI

2016-08-25 Best Skills

Cognii - The First Virtual Assistant Designed Exclusively for Education & Training Market

2016-08-13 IIT Alumni Conference

Cognii CEO Invited To Speak About Education Technology Solutions at IIT Leadership Conference

2016-08-11 Venture Beat

Cognii Identified as a Bot with Traction in the Bots Landscape: 170+ companies, $4 billion in funding, thousands of bots

2016-07-31 Business Because

Artificial Intelligence And Big Data Are Transforming Online Learning

2016-07-26 SIIA

Cognii CEO Invited to Speak About Scalable EdTech Solutions at SIIA Education Industry Symposium

2016-07-20 Market Wired

Cognii Announced a Finalist for Mass Technology Leadership Council's EdTech Innovation of the Year Award


Online: Trending Now #84 - The Expert in Your Class

2016-07-01 National Science Foundation

Cognii receives NSF SBIR grant for research and development of Virtual Learning Assistants

2016-06-24 Chaffee County Times

Artificial intelligence powers course learning tools

2016-06-20 Practice Blog

Ed Machina

2016-06-18 CB Insights

AI Heatmap: Investments in AI Startups Rising

2016-06-16 NAACL

Cognii Sponsors The Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications

2016-06-16 Business Because

5 EdTech Trends Shaping Business (MBA) Education - From Artificial Intelligence To Virtual Reality

2016-06-09 Education News

Cognii, Colorado State Partner on Virtual Learning, Assessment

2016-06-03 Education Dive

Colorado State bringing AI into online psych courses next fall

2016-06-03 University Business

Colorado State University Partners with Cognii

2016-06-02 Xconomy

Colorado State, Meet Cognii: Artificial Intelligence in Education

2016-05-31 CSU Source

CSU Online brings Artificial Intelligence-powered learning tools to courses

2016-05-24 LinkedIn

Artificial Intelligence Meets EdTech: A Conversation with Cognii Founder, Dee Kanejiya

2016-05-23 Innovation News

CSU and Cognii partner to bring AI technology to online student education

2016-05-18 PR Web

Colorado State University Partners with Cognii to Bring AI Technology to Online Education

2016-05-18 Education Dive

Colorado State University partners with Cognii to bring AI technology to online education

2016-05-18 Campus Technology

Colorado State U Taps Private Partner Cognii To Develop AI-Based Tutorials

2016-05-16 BostInno

Cognii Is Working on Its First AI Tutoring Service for University Students

2016-05-05 Education Week

Good Education Is Hard to Find - and Five Other Myths

2016-04-18 ASU+GSV

Cognii CEO Presentation on AI in Education at ASU GSV Summit

2016-03-10 IDIEM

27 Reasons why Ed Tech is the best investment

2016-01-29 Re-Work Summit

Cognii CEO Invited to Speak at the Virtual Assistant Summit

2016-01-27 EdTech Review

Cognii Launches Virtual Learning Assistant For The Education Market

2016-01-27 Cognii Press Release Cognii Launches Virtual Learning Assistant for the Education Market
2016-01-27 Education Dive

Cognii Launches Virtual Learning Assistant For The Education Market

2016-01-14 Collaborative - Tech in Education

Cognii Workshop - AI based Formative Assessment of Students' Constructed Response Answers

2016-01-13 Academica Forum

Technology and the Imminent Disruption of Higher Education: From AI to Tutoring

2015-12-10 Cognii Blog Cognii Wins the Wharton/QS 2015 Reimagine Education Award for Best Learning Assessment
2015-12-09 Reimagine Education

Cognii Won the Award for the Best Learning Assessment Innovation

2015-11-14 ICDM ASSESS Workshop

Cognii CEO Invited to Speak at the Industry Panel on Educational Assessment and Data Mining

2015-11-01 StartHub Boston

Cognii Featured on StartHub Boston as Part of IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program

2015-10-27 Open edX YouTube

Cognii CEO Lightning Talk at Open edX Conference 2015

2015-10-12 Cognii Event Cognii at Open edX Conference 2015
2015-09-24 Meetup - Tech in Motion

Cognii Demos EdTech Innovation at Back-to-School Demo and Drinks

2015-07-27 EdTech Digest

Intelligent Choice - A Perspective on Multiple Choice

2015-05-15 EdWeek Market Brief

Educators, Ed-Tech Businesses Exchange Insights at Industry Summit

2015-05-04 Cognii Event Cognii CEO Speaks at SIIA Education Industry Summit 2015
2015-04-25 Meetup

Cognii Sponsors Hackathon on Education Data Mining and Learning Analytics with McGraw Hill

2015-02-05 EdTech Digest

Cool Tool - Cognii 

2014-12-02 Open edX YouTube

Cognii Lightning Presentation at Open edX Conference 2014 

2014-11-21 MOOCstream

First open edX conference… a blast!

2014-04-29 CRESST, UCLA

Cognii to demo at CATS Conference on Integrating Games, Technology, and Assessment to Accelerate Learning in the 21st Century

2014-03-14 Tech.Co

Boston’s Numerous Academic and Institutional Resources Make it a Prime Startup Ecosystem

2014-03-13 Campus Technology

MindEdge and Cognii Taking an Adaptive Approach to Essay Assessment

2014-03-05 Cognii Press Release MindEdge Announces Collaboration with Cognii
2014-02-28 MindEdge Learning

MindEdge Announces Collaboration with Cognii for Adaptive Learning

2014-01-19 Boston Globe

People & ideas: 24 movers, shakers, and AHA! moments.

2014-01-10 Writer in the Thick of it

Mass Innovation Nights Kicks Off 2014 #MIN58

2013-12-12 Boston Business Journal

10 Boston startups to watch who launched in 2013

2013-10-09 Prezi / Michelle James

How Siri will change our classrooms

2013-10-01 EdTech Times

Q&A with Dharmendra Kanejiya, Founder of Cognii

2013-09-26 Boston Business Journal

With help from Vlingo vets, Cognii offers Siri-like tech for grading essays

2013-09-20 Christian Science Monitor

Education tech start-ups: No longer the 'sleepy' crowd

2013-09-19 EdSurge

Boston's Latest (Edtech Startup) Graduates

2013-09-17 Xconomy

Cognii Chasing “Siri for Education” at LearnLaunchX & TiE Challenge

2013-08-26 Dataversity/Semantic Web

School Days May See Semantic Tech Help With Online Learning Assessments

2013-08-22 BostInno

The 6 Startups that Rocked Last Night’s Boston New Tech Meetup

2013-06-17 TechCrunch

Boston’s LearnLaunch Unveils First Batch, as EdTech Accelerators Continue to Proliferate

2013-06-10 Boston Business Journal

Ed-tech startup accelerator LearnLaunchX names 8 startups to 1st class

2013-06-10 BostInno

Boston’s Ed-Tech Accelerator Announces the 8 Startups in its Inaugural Class

2013-06-10 GigaOM

Battle of the ed tech accelerators heats up

2013-06-10 Xconomy

EdTech Accelerator Names First Class