AI for Learning Assessments, Credentialing, and Degree Completions

Posted on June 23, 2017 by Cognii Admin

Cognii CEO was invited to speak at the Saylor Foundation Summit on Higher Education in Washington, D.C. during June 21-22, 2017. The summit was focused on:

Looking at the Degree and Beyond: Lowering Cost, Increasing Access, Exploring Alternatives
 The Saylor Academy Higher Education Summit seeks to connect ideas and action to address the need to educate and credential the next billion individuals worldwide in need of higher education learning and credentials.  Initiatives created at this summit will expand participation in today’s and tomorrow’s economies. We are not leaving out the college degree, however, we want to address it as well as new educational models emerging in the marketplace. 

Cognii session was focused on : 

AI for Learning Assessments, Credentialing, and Degree Completions as part of the "Lowering the Cost" track.

The summit was attended by a number of leaders and practitioners in the Higher Education industry. We congratulate Saylor Academy for the successful organization of the summit. Their efforts in making Higher Education affordable with the help of Open Education Resources and Innovative tools are worthy of appreciation.