Why AI Will Help US Become Outstanding Educators

Posted on January 04, 2021 by Cognii Admin

Dr. Andy Shome teaches at the Alfred University School of Business in New York. He recently shared his thoughts on the inevitability of artificial intelligence in the higher education system and why he thinks AI will help us become outstanding educators. He believes Cognii's Virtual Tutor technology will solve a very important problem towards fulfilling his vision of personalizing education for each of his students. He plans to use socratic dialogue based education combined with a 24x7 available AI-enhanced pedagogy to support struggling students. Here is a brief video clip from a longer talk he delivered alongside Cognii founder Dee

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AI in Education : Cognii CEO Answers Key Questions

Posted on November 12, 2019 by Cognii Admin

Cognii CEO Dee Kanejiya was recently interviewed by Sam Mire from Disruptor Daily. Sam, a trained journalist with experience in the field of disruptive technology, asked a number of questions on AI in Education to leading industry experts. Here is the Q&A between Sam and Dee.

Sam Mire
Sam Mire
Dee Kanejiya
Dee Kanejiya

SM: What’s The State Of AI In Education?

DK: AI is currently being actively utilized

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Florida International University Partners With Cognii to Implement AI in Online Education

Posted on January 25, 2019 by Cognii Admin

Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant will provide AI-powered tutoring and assessments to FIU College of Business students in online courses

MIAMI, January 25, 2019 ( - Florida International University, a top-tier public research university, and Cognii Inc., a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence-based educational technologies, recently announced a collaboration to develop an innovative online education experience powered by Cognii’s Virtual Learning Assistant(VLA) technology.

Cognii VLA is an AI Tutor that engages students in a natural language conversation while providing instant personalized feedback and assessments. It can automatically grade students’ open-response

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Innovation in Higher Education : Conversation between Boston University Professor Jay Halfond and Cognii CEO

Posted on December 04, 2018 by Cognii Admin

As part of Boston University School of Education's EdM Program on Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Prof Jay Halfond teaches the course AP730 Innovation in Higher Education, for which he invites leading experts to share their insights on the trends, challenges, and opportunities in the higher education industry.  Last year, he invited Cognii Founder and CEO, Dee Kanejiya to share his views on Artificial Intelligence and EdTech innovation.

During the conversation, they discussed a number of issues including entrepreneurship, startup-university relationship, the role of AI in education, market dynamics,

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Cognii Awarded the National Science Foundation Grant for Developing Scalable Educational Technology

Posted on November 07, 2018 by Cognii Admin

Boston, MA, November 7, 2018 – Cognii has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II grant for $750,000 to conduct research and development (R&D) work and commercialization of its innovative Artificial Intelligence powered scalable educational technology. 

“The National Science Foundation supports small businesses with the most innovative, cutting-edge ideas that have the potential to become great commercial successes and make huge societal impacts,” said Barry Johnson, Director of Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships at NSF. “We hope that this seed funding will spark solutions to some of the

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