News Coverage

2019-10-09 ACTNext

Cognii CEO to Speak at the 2019 ACTNext Education Technology and Computational Psychometrics Symposium

2019-10-09 Medium

AI in Education — Who Are the Participants?

2019-10-02 Business Insider

ACTNext Announces Speaker Lineup and Topics for the 2019 EdTech and Computational Psychometrics Symposium

2019-10-02 Richard van Hooijdonk's Blog

Five Algorithms that Help Students Learn and Professors Teach 
International futurist and trendwatcher explains how Cognii enhances critical thinking skills

2019-09-25 Disruptor Daily

What Trends Are Shaping AI In Education This Year? 13 Experts Share Their Insights

2019-09-23 American University in Cairo

Thesis : Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Education for Employment:Learning and Employability Framework

2019-09-15 LinkedIn

Artificial Intelligence in Education: A Guide to Basic Understanding, Value Added, and Key Players

2019-09-13 Ann Michaelsen Blog

How Artificial Intelligence can Transform Education in Schools

2019-09-13 e-Assessment Association

Summaries of the 2019 e-Assessment Award Finalists ( pdf )

2019-09-06 ScaleFusion Blog

Technology in Classroom: Education Industry Trends in 2020

2019-09-02 Oxford AIxSDGs

Oxford Initiative on AI for Sustainable Development Goals - Cognii Profile

2019-08-16 Kambria Blog

AI for Education: Driving Enrollment and Improving Retention

2019-07-18 ACT Blog

ACTNext Announces 2019 Education Technology and Computational Psychometrics Symposium

2019-07-05 Int. Journal of Open Education Resources

A Look at the Future of Open Education Resources : Impact of AI and other Technologies 

2019-07-01 Digital Journal

Identify Hidden Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in the Education Sector Market: Cognii, IBM, Microsoft

2019-07-01 Higher Ed Connects

The Latest in Edtech from San Francisco : Summary of SIIA EdTech Industry Conference

2019-06-12 IACAT Conference

Cognii CEO to Speak at the International Association for Computerized Adaptive Testing (IACAT) Biennial Conference

2019-06-11 FIU News

FIU Adds AI to Online Education 
Pilot program uses new technology to help teach students

2019-06-05 Center for Assessment

Cognii CEO Invited as an Expert to the 2019 Colloquium on Educational Assessment Enhanced by Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

2019-05-23 Harvard Alumni for Education

What will the 21St Century Education Hold for Us?

2019-05-17 Towards Data Science

Humans, Machines, and the Future of Education - Can AI and Emerging Tech Make Us Smarter?

2019-05-14 Kambria Blog

Real World Applications of AI Virtual Assistants : No Student is Left Behind

2019-05-10 Stephen Downes

Future Learning in an Advanced Decentralized Learning Ecosystem - at Canadian Armed Forces Individual Training & Education Innovation Week

2019-05-07 Tech Edvocate

Your Next Tutor May be a Digital Voice Assistant

2019-05-06 Built In

These Edtech Companies are Using Machine Learning to Improve Human Learning

2019-04-24 EDUCAUSE

2019 Horizon Report : Important Developments in Educational Technology for Higher Education

2019-04-12 FIU News

Online Business Course Utilizes Artificial Intelligence

2019-04-12 Curiosity Conference

Cognii Invited to Present and Demo at the Curiosity : AI in Education Conference 

2019-04-11 YouTube

Cognii Presentation at 2019 ASU GSV X Summit

2019-04-11 EdSurge

Cognii Participates in the EdSurge Jobs Fair 

2019-04-10 SlideShare

Artificial Intelligence in Education Focusing on the Skills3.0 Project

2019-04-08 ASU GSV Summit

Cognii CEO to Speak at the ASU GSV X Summit

2019-04-03 Online Learning Consortium

Looking at the Future of Cognitive Technology in Education

2019-03-23 Columbia University

Cognii CEO to Speak at the 2019 Columbia University US-China Education Forum

2019-03-20 SpeechTech Magazine

Machine Learning and Innovative Speech Applications Dominate Conversational Interaction Conference

2019-03-12 Liga Tech

Поиграем в обучение, или Как edtech умеет мотивировать (Eng: Let's Play Learning, or How Edtech can Motivate)

2019-03-11 AVIOS

Cognii CEO to Speak at Conversational Interaction 2019 Conference

2019-03-06 e-Assessment Awards

Cognii Selected as a Finalist for the International e-Assessment Awards

Best Innovation, and Best Use of Formative Assessment

2019-02-27 Education Technology Insights

Effective E-learning for Employees : Measures to Undertake

2019-02-27 The Tambellini Group

Chatbots and AI Assistants in Higher Education - AI Provides A Very Human Touch To The Higher Education User Experience

2019-02-16 Ed Tech UK

Florida International University Launches AI Tutor

2019-02-14 FIU Online Insider

Artificial Intelligence Tutor Provides Personalized Learning

2019-02-08 IT in Education (

Будущее высшей школы  (eng: The Future of Higher Education)

2019-02-03 List EdTech

This Week In Review

2019-02-01 eLearning World Europe

AI Tutoring in Online Courses at a Business School

2019-01-30 Inside Higher Ed

Florida International to Use Cognii's AI Tutor in Online Experience

2019-01-29 Campus Technology

Florida School Tests AI as Virtual Tutor for Online Course

2019-01-25 Newswire

Florida International University Partners With Cognii to Implement AI in Online Education

Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant will provide AI-powered tutoring and assessments to FIU College of Business students in online courses

2019-01-25 Cognii Press Release Florida International University Partners With Cognii to Implement AI in Online Education
2019-01-10 AFACCT

Cognii CEO to Keynote at the 29th Annual Conference of the Association of Faculties for the Advancement of the Community College Teaching (AFACCT)