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2016-06-16 Business Because

5 EdTech Trends Shaping Business (MBA) Education - From Artificial Intelligence To Virtual Reality

2016-06-09 Education News

Cognii, Colorado State Partner on Virtual Learning, Assessment

2016-06-03 Education Dive

Colorado State bringing AI into online psych courses next fall

2016-06-03 University Business

Colorado State University Partners with Cognii

2016-06-02 Xconomy

Colorado State, Meet Cognii: Artificial Intelligence in Education

2016-05-31 CSU Source

CSU Online brings Artificial Intelligence-powered learning tools to courses

2016-05-24 LinkedIn

Artificial Intelligence Meets EdTech: A Conversation with Cognii Founder, Dee Kanejiya

2016-05-23 Innovation News

CSU and Cognii partner to bring AI technology to online student education

2016-05-18 PR Web

Colorado State University Partners with Cognii to Bring AI Technology to Online Education

2016-05-18 Education Dive

Colorado State University partners with Cognii to bring AI technology to online education

2016-05-18 Campus Technology

Colorado State U Taps Private Partner Cognii To Develop AI-Based Tutorials

2016-05-16 BostInno

Cognii Is Working on Its First AI Tutoring Service for University Students

2016-05-05 Education Week

Good Education Is Hard to Find - and Five Other Myths

2016-04-18 ASU+GSV

Cognii CEO Presentation on AI in Education at ASU GSV Summit

2016-03-10 IDIEM

27 Reasons why Ed Tech is the best investment

2016-01-29 Re-Work Summit

Cognii CEO Invited to Speak at the Virtual Assistant Summit

2016-01-27 EdTech Review

Cognii Launches Virtual Learning Assistant For The Education Market

2016-01-27 Cognii Press Release Cognii Launches Virtual Learning Assistant for the Education Market
2016-01-27 Education Dive

Cognii Launches Virtual Learning Assistant For The Education Market

2016-01-14 Collaborative - Tech in Education

Cognii Workshop - AI based Formative Assessment of Students' Constructed Response Answers

2016-01-13 Academica Forum

Technology and the Imminent Disruption of Higher Education: From AI to Tutoring

2015-12-10 Cognii Blog Cognii Wins the Wharton/QS 2015 Reimagine Education Award for Best Learning Assessment
2015-12-09 Reimagine Education

Cognii Won the Award for the Best Learning Assessment Innovation

2015-11-14 ICDM ASSESS Workshop

Cognii CEO Invited to Speak at the Industry Panel on Educational Assessment and Data Mining

2015-11-01 StartHub Boston

Cognii Featured on StartHub Boston as Part of IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program

2015-10-27 Open edX YouTube

Cognii CEO Lightning Talk at Open edX Conference 2015

2015-10-12 Cognii Event Cognii at Open edX Conference 2015
2015-09-24 Meetup - Tech in Motion

Cognii Demos EdTech Innovation at Back-to-School Demo and Drinks

2015-07-27 EdTech Digest

Intelligent Choice - A Perspective on Multiple Choice

2015-05-15 EdWeek Market Brief

Educators, Ed-Tech Businesses Exchange Insights at Industry Summit

2015-05-04 Cognii Event Cognii CEO Speaks at SIIA Education Industry Summit 2015
2015-04-25 Meetup

Cognii Sponsors Hackathon on Education Data Mining and Learning Analytics with McGraw Hill

2015-02-05 EdTech Digest

Cool Tool - Cognii 

2014-12-02 Open edX YouTube

Cognii Lightning Presentation at Open edX Conference 2014 

2014-11-21 MOOCstream

First open edX conference… a blast!

2014-04-29 CRESST, UCLA

Cognii to demo at CATS Conference on Integrating Games, Technology, and Assessment to Accelerate Learning in the 21st Century

2014-03-14 Tech.Co

Boston’s Numerous Academic and Institutional Resources Make it a Prime Startup Ecosystem

2014-03-13 Campus Technology

MindEdge and Cognii Taking an Adaptive Approach to Essay Assessment

2014-03-05 Cognii Press Release MindEdge Announces Collaboration with Cognii
2014-02-28 MindEdge Learning

MindEdge Announces Collaboration with Cognii for Adaptive Learning

2014-01-19 Boston Globe

People & ideas: 24 movers, shakers, and AHA! moments.

2014-01-10 Writer in the Thick of it

Mass Innovation Nights Kicks Off 2014 #MIN58

2013-12-12 Boston Business Journal

10 Boston startups to watch who launched in 2013

2013-10-09 Prezi / Michelle James

How Siri will change our classrooms

2013-10-01 EdTech Times

Q&A with Dharmendra Kanejiya, Founder of Cognii

2013-09-26 Boston Business Journal

With help from Vlingo vets, Cognii offers Siri-like tech for grading essays

2013-09-20 Christian Science Monitor

Education tech start-ups: No longer the 'sleepy' crowd

2013-09-19 EdSurge

Boston's Latest (Edtech Startup) Graduates

2013-09-17 Xconomy

Cognii Chasing “Siri for Education” at LearnLaunchX & TiE Challenge

2013-08-26 Dataversity/Semantic Web

School Days May See Semantic Tech Help With Online Learning Assessments