News Coverage

2018-12-04 Cognii Blog Innovation in Higher Education : Conversation between Boston University Professor Jay Halfond and Cognii CEO
2018-12-03 BostInno

November Funding Roundup: 31 Startups Raise More Than $414M

2018-12-03 YouTube

AI and Blockchain for Education & Training 

2018-12-03 Research Gate

Global E-trends in Russian High Education System as Essential Tools of Its Change Management 

2018-12-01 Washington Elite

Cognii CEO to Speak about AI in Education at the Washington Elite Conference 

2018-12-01 Techii

Cognii CEO Speaks at the Techii (Tech Invention & Innovation) Forum 2018

2018-11-23 SEMM Forum

Recruiting and Retaining Generation Zed Students - Jim Black, SEM Works

2018-11-20 UMUC

Experts Say It Will Take A Moonshot Commitment To Achieve Cybersecurity by 2028

2018-11-08 Cyber Center for Education and Innovation

Cognii CEO to Speak at Cyber Security Education Symposium at UMUC

2018-11-07 Beyond Multiple Choice

Cognii CEO to Speak at Beyond Multiple Choice Conference on e-Assessments in 21st Century

2018-11-07 Cognii Press Release Cognii Awarded the National Science Foundation Grant for Developing Scalable Educational Technology
2018-10-03 Built In

Artificial Intelligence in Education - 7 Companies to Know 

2018-10-02 Research Gate (NASPAA Conference)

Artificial Intelligence for Public Service Education

2018-09-26 YouTube

Wild West Crypto Show: Bruce Porter, Jr. Interviews Cognii Founder Dee Kanejiya

2018-09-25 Global BigData Conference

Cognii CEO to Speak at the Global Artificial Intelligence Conference

2018-09-07 U.S. Education Department Office of EdTech

Cog In The Wheel : Cognii Teams Up with California State University to Present a Vision on Future of Higher Education

2018-09-06 Global BigData Conference

Interview with Dee Kanejiya, CEO, Cognii - Speaker at Global AI Conference

2018-08-20 Alpha VOICE

Conversational AI for Scalable Education - Dee Kanejiya at VOICE Summit

2018-08-06 YouTube : Radio Entrepreneurs

Radio Show Guest: Dee Kanejiya, Cognii 

2018-07-27 WBGO News

Do Voice Assistants Have a Place in the Classroom? (Radio News Story)

2018-07-25 VOICE Summit

Cognii CEO to Speak at the Largest VOICE Technology Conference on the Role of AI in University Education

2018-07-18 Young Startups

6 Emerging Trends In Education Technology

2018-07-12 Tech In Motion

Cognii Invited to Showcase Innovation at the Tech In Motion - AI and Machine Learning Event

2018-07-11 Int. Council for Open and Distance Education

Mapping Out the Future of Virtual Learning - The Online Classroom of the Future - White Paper

2018-07-10 EdWeek Market Brief

K-12 Artificial Intelligence Market Set to Explode in U.S. and Worldwide by 2024

2018-07-05 Arbetsvärlden

Så kan lärandet revolutioneras - AI-assistenter kan bli en gamechanger (Eng: How Learning can be Revolutionized - AI Assistants can Become a Gamechanger)

2018-06-22 Questale

China AI in Education Market Research Report 2018-2025

2018-06-19 LiveWorx

Cognii Invited to Showcase Innovation at LiveWorx 2018 Mix

2018-06-12 MIT Enterprise Forum

Cognii Invited to Showcase Innovation at MITEF 2018 Startup Spotlight

2018-06-06 Global Market Insights

Artificial Intelligence in Education Market to Grow at 45% over 2018-2024

2018-06-05 NAACL

Cognii Sponsors The 13th Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications

2018-05-22 MA Dept of Education

Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education - Board Meeting Minutes (.docx file)

2018-05-15 New England College

Cognii Presents Case Studies on AI for Assessments at the 2nd New England Assessment Conference

2018-05-10 Digitalist Magazine

Five Digital Transformation Trends In The Education Industry

2018-05-09 Technavio

Global Artificial Intelligence Market in Education Sector 2018-2022 to Grow at a CAGR of 43%

2018-05-03 Markets & Markets

AI in Education Market - Forecast to 2023

2018-04-18 YouTube

Cognii CEO Presents at the 2018 ASU GSV Summit : Conversational EdTech

2018-04-12 Cognii Blog Are Multiple Choice Questions Gender Discriminatory?
2018-03-05 MilTech

Artificial Intelligence Market Growth Opportunities and Challenges 2017-2024

2018-02-27 Brandeis University Blog

Computational Linguistics Industry Meet’n’Greet Reception 

2018-02-25 Whatech

Artificial intelligence in the education sector market explored in latest research

2018-02-12 Education Analytics

Digital elevassistent på väg (English: Digital Student Assistant on the way)

2018-01-02 Warsaw School of Economics

Innowacje edukacyjne – kierunek zmian (English: Educational innovations - the direction of changes)

2017-12-03 intoer

看儿童编程与STEM教育的未来 (English: Chinese Delegation Visits US to Learn about Future of Children's STEM Education)

2017-12-01 P.I.E. Challenge

Personalized in Education Challenge Identifies Cognii as an Example (Hebrew) 

2017-11-11 eLearning Industry

Cost-Free Educational Technology Concepts Every Teacher Can Afford

2017-10-27 Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips

AI Panel: The Next Generation of AI - Entrepreneurial AI Companies Driving Innovation Across Industries

2017-10-24 Drexel University Online

Artificial Intelligence in Education: Virtual Learning Assistants Solve Costly Needs

2017-10-24 YouTube

Artificial Intelligence for Education: Chatbots

2017-09-20 Dimension Data

Artificial Intelligence has Real Potential for Education